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A Simple Life

We are fortunate to live where we do. We have the beach, bay and the way of life here is just a little slower, a little less crowded. Some perks are being able to do a little surf fishing after dinner like this day 4 years ago. Parker liked to fish, especially with Pete and Pop and whoever else would come along. This day I know we were there with Eric too. Seeing photos like these makes my heart ache that days like this will never happen again. The bonding that Parker would do while fishing will never be. His dad had plans for him. He was supposed to be a part of team Las Sofias. He was supposed to take him offshore for the first time. He was supposed to have more nights like this on the beach. Every minute of the day I am surrounded by "he was supposed to...". I struggle with it now and will for the rest of my days on this earth. I hate the universe for doing this to our family. We were so happy. We were so content living our simple little lives. Living our lives with Parker.

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