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Gary Glitter

This kid was one of a kind. He had a spirit about him. Always positive, always making the best out of every situation. He was so happy. He was such a cool kid. He was especially happy with all of his new hockey gear he received this year 5 years ago for his birthday. I remember being home with him this day. It was warm out and the windows were open. He asked me if he could put on "rock" music and if he could play hockey in the house. I'm pretty sure the song he wanted to hear was Gary Glitter's Rock & Roll Part 2 - the Hey Song. He played that damn song all the time. Especially after he scored a goal, just like the Devils used too. He would stop real quick to turn his iPod on to play the song. I used to get so annoyed with him for playing hockey in the house incessantly. He never stopped. I would give anything to have that back again. To patch up one more puck mark on the wall. To trip over that tiny little net he always put in the doorway.

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