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Let them be silly

This is Payton’s favorite video of parker from 6 years ago today. It was a time when she was in school all day and Parker was in preschool only a couple days a week. Him and I spent a lot of time together, always. He had a thing about writing and coloring his hands all the time. He would come home from school with all sorts of pen and marker all over his hand. I used to get so annoyed about it. Why do you have to write on your hand every day? I think back and feel foolish for getting upset with him about it when in actuality it’s silly.

Let your hair down a little, let your kids be silly and weird and if they like to write on their hands then so be it. Everyone used to ask me how I could ever get mad at him with that face. It wasn’t a lot, but it did happen. I’m sorry, Bud.

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