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When Universes Collide

Today I took Lily to Rothman to get her ankle checked out. Patty had to work so I said I’d take her, no problem. About a month ago the Dads took Payton and Lily ice skating at the Blackhawks Christmas Skate Party. After they came home Lily was complaining that her ankle was bothering her but nothing severe. Days passed, the holidays passed, we went to Dallas, she went back to school. It was still bothering her so the appointment was made and off we went.

This time last year was when Parker broke his ankle that was the start of his diagnosis and hospital stays and ultimate passing. It was like I was going through it all over again. The universe certainly has its ways of testing my strength.

Well, Lily’s ankle is broken. Cast and crutches for 6 weeks. She was such a trooper, she held onto Parker’s necklace (that she never takes off) the whole time. She even chose the pink cast. That pink cast. He’s here making sure she’s ok. Probably shaking his head that she broke her ankle ice skating.

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