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Lego Potatoes

This day one year ago. Parker asked to go to the ED because he couldn't take his symptoms anymore. What 9 year old asks that? We packed up and went and spent a very long 8 hours trying to releive his constipation.

He was instructed to drink 7 liters of goLytley - how is that even possible. The stuff tasted like sweat and he had a limited time to do so. He tried his best, but failed. He was approved for a nasogastric tube for the fluids to be directly administered to his tummy. It wasn't fun. It was really hard to watch.

After being in the ED for so long they decided to admit him to the oncology ward again. This time I was prepared. Pete went home to be with Payton and again it was just Parker and I. We didn't sleep that night. We were up with bathroom trips, tummy cramps and all around horrible situation. I prayed that this would somehow get better.

Thankfully the treatment worked, he felt great and we were discharged that afternoon. I thought we were finally on the right path.

Sometimes I still feel like this isn't real. That he isn't gone. I keep thinking that he will walk through the front door after school with his backpack

unzipped, homework hanging out, his shorts and crazy socks with sanuks, his little RayBan glasses and his huge smile and say "Hi Mommy" and I'll say "Hi Bud, how was your day?"

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