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Better Days Will Come

Today was hard. Refunding thousands of dollars that our generous supporters have sponsored or bought tickets or both for our canceled events. Thousands of dollars that would go back to our kids and community.

The Color Run was a hard one for me. I have been trying for 3 years to figure out the perfect way to celebrate Parker’s birthday, and I FINALLY did and now it won’t happen. This year he would be 13. I have to imagine what he would be like. Would he be taller? Would he have braces? Would he sound different? Would he still be my sweet boy? I wanted so much to celebrate with all of his family, friends and community. I know there is always next year, disappointment is a hard pill to swallow when you put your heart into all you do. The best we can do is take it day by day, something I know all to well.

Thank you to every one of you. Parker’s Army wouldn’t exist without you. Love to you all - stay healthy, stay safe, we are in this together

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