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Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Award




Sponsored by Parker’s Army


Parker’s Army is seeking nominations for the Parker M. Nork Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Awards, which recognizes student-athletes who have demonstrated the highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship. Parker prided himself as a humble, driven, compassionate, respectful and honest athlete. He was all heart and always had a smile on his face. He was beloved by his coaches, teammates and other athletes alike. Parker participated in several Stafford Recreation programs such as Southern AYF Flag & Tackle, Stafford Boys Lacrosse, Stafford Soccer and Stafford Roller Hockey. 


Parker’s Army would like to continue to honor his memory by commemorating his fellow student-athletes for their sportsmanship on and off the field. We are inviting all Stafford Recreation sports organizations to please join us in doing so. 


At the completion of the 2022/2023 academic year, Parker’s Army will hold a ceremony for all nominees and invite their families, friends, teammates and coaches to celebrate their accomplishments. The nominated student-athletes will receive a trophy and certificate along with a limited edition t-shirt commemorating such an outstanding achievement. The ceremony will take place at the STAC, date TBA.


Only coaches and/or board members of Stafford Recreation Sports organizations may nominate student-athletes. Please have coaches submit nominees to their respected President/Board Members for approval. These organizations include:


  1. Southern American Youth Football

  2. Southern American Youth Cheer

  3. Stafford Basketball

  4. Stafford Field Hockey

  5. Stafford Sparklers

  6. Stafford Boys Lacrosse

  7. Stafford Girls Lacrosse

  8. Stafford Little League

  9. Stafford Roller Hockey

  10. Stafford Softball

  11. Stafford Soccer

  12. Stafford Volleyball

  13. St. Francis Sharks Swim Team

  14. Stafford Wrestling Club


The Parker M. Nork Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Award recognizes student-athletes who have distinguished themselves through demonstrated acts of sportsmanship and ethical behavior. Student-athletes must be between the ages of 8 -13 years old and have participated in at least one (1) Stafford Recreation sports season during the 2022/2023 academic year.


Nomination criteria:

  • Nominee(s) act positively affected a community's sports culture and game environment.

  • Nominee(s) act clearly demonstrates sportsmanship. The CSEC defines a sportsmanship act as behavior exhibited during competition by student-athletes based on values, respect and integrity.

  • Nominee(s) displayed act(s) of integrity that go beyond the sport's playing rules and etiquette.

  • Nominee(s) made decisions that while difficult or unpopular, are respectful of the game/opponent.

  • Nominee(s) put others' needs ahead of his or her own.

  • Nominee(s) must be a participating athlete in a Stafford Recreation sports organization during the 2018/2019 academic year.

  • Nominees(s) must be between the ages of 8-13 during the 2022/2023 academic year. 

  • One (1) nominee per age per organization (i.e. if you have several 10U teams, please select one (1) student-athlete for 10U age group). Each organization may nominate:

        • One (1) student-athlete age 8

        • One (1) student-athlete age 9

        • One (1) student-athlete age 10

        • One (1) student-athlete age 11

        • One (1) student-athlete age 12

        • One (1) student-athlete age 13


How do I submit a nomination?

Nominations must be submitted directly from the Stafford Recreation sports organization President or Executive Board to Parker’s Army. Organizations are asked to notify their coaches of nominations they have submitted. 


Please click the link below to fill out your nomination!

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