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Day 3

Monday, February 20, 2017

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Today we didn't have anything on our schedule and Parker was able to disconnect from his IVs and get up and out of the room. He was able to get on those crutches and see the rest of the hospital and visit with his cousins from California one more time before they head back.

His Oncology Dr stopped in to see him and check out his area where the scalp biopsy took place. We were so concerned about infection that it never occurred to us to check the actual lump. I couldn't believe what I was feeling - it was literally half the size after only one treatment! He did have a little snag with some crazy painful back spasms tonight. Going from tons of activity to sitting for days in a bed reeked havoc on his muscles. He was a trooper and finally worked it out with a hot shower and some muscle relaxers.

Tomorrow will be his 2nd round of chemo - we are hoping for it to be as uneventful as the first one. If all goes well, word on the street is that we are going home tomorrow!!!!!!!!! We are optimistic about the future and his journey to his ultimate cure. It won't be easy but with the amazing support system he has behind him he will never feel alone. Thank you to all of your continued support! We love you all ❤ #powerofparker #lifewithparker #1

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