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Day 13

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Today we were supposed to be in Marlboro, MA for the start of Parker's Squirt Hockey tournament. I feel like a piece of us is missing with us here and his team there. My heart is heavy because Parker should be there, he deserves to be there and instead he will be going for his 4th chemo treatment tomorrow. I'm angry and sad and frustrated. It's not fair that life has taken us in this direction. He's fighting a fight no child should ever have to endure. These tournaments are our way to bond and make memories with our hockey family. It's a time for him to be with his teammates outside of the rink and develop friendships, play knee hockey and just be kids. We are fortunate to have these families in our lives - so the Toms River Blackhawks Squirt Red team - kick some ass this weekend! We are rooting for you all the way!

On a better note, but same topic, Parker received a special FaceTime call from the NJ Renegades hockey team tonight. What an amazing group of guys! They all took time to ask him questions and make him smile. They also invited him to be a special guest at their game on Saturday night. Hoping he feels up to going - I think it will be an amazing experience for him.

All of the support we are getting from our friends, family, community and complete strangers is again truly amazing. It really does restore my faith in humanity. The world is filled with compassionate and loving people and we are blessed to have you all on Parker's side.

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