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Day 15

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Had a nice quiet day with all of us home. Parker is still having tummy trouble and hoping it's all gone by tomorrow. He's much better than he's been all week now that we are actually treating his symptoms the right way. We need to enjoy and relax for one more day before we are back to CHOP on Monday. It seems our hospital days (aka clinics) are an entire day. Very long, very emotional and very exhausting. At least it's better as outpatient.

I was able to get out of the house and spend some time with Payton today. Parker needs me so much right now that I am not able to leave his side most of the time. Payton has been so patient and so caring so far that I needed that time with her. I need her to know that she's not forgotten and she is still so important to us. She is worried about him. He has always been such a healthy kid we are not used to him being so withdrawn and quiet. It's hard to keep things normal when we are so far from that right now.

I am hoping I get some sleep tonight. I haven't had many hours this week. I don't know how I'm still able to function. We are taking it day by day. It's all we can do. #powerofparker #lifewithparker #1

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