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Day 19

Wednesday, March 7, 2017


What a day! Parker was feeling good today - decided he didn't want to watch TV anymore (thank God for that, I can't possibly watch another episode of Teen Titans Go 😩) Went outside and played a little hockey but came in a little frustrated that he's not up to where he usually is. His ankle is fresh out of his cast and his body has been through so much the last few weeks he tires so easily. Gram and Pop came for a visit and actually got him out of the house to a trip to Game Stop and Carvel. His teacher came today to catch him up with some work and had a whole envelope full of cards from his classmates and a ton of his favorite book series "I Survived". He took a math test and got an "A"! Things are certainly looking up!

He does have his moments when he is still tired and just not feeling right. It is so hard for a child to comprehend all that is going on. I'm trying to explain and comfort him as much as possible since he is experiencing anxiety and frustration. Nothing that a little nap with Stella can't fix ❤ Taking it day by day. #powerofparker #lifewithparker #1

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