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Day 21

Friday, March 10, 2017


These days don't seem to want to cooperate with us. Went to his Onco visit today at 915 and didn't leave until 3. Once again Parker is constipated, but not nearly as bad as last weekend. Not sure if it's leftover that hasn't cleared out yet or what. They put in the tube again to administer that disgusting liquid again. His tummy couldn't tolerate it and wouldn't stay down. I couldn't see him going through this all again so I stopped it and took him home where he can be more comfortable. Right now he is laying in bed with me whimpering from all of the cramping. He doesn't want to eat and can't sleep until the pains go away. I'm hoping that is very soon.

Witnessing everything this child has been through in the last few weeks I would not wish on anyone. It is pure torture - the worst kind where you are watching it day by day, hour by hour and can't help him. I am breaking down because I can't tolerate seeing him like this. It's not Parker, not even a glimpse of him. There is no smile, he's so weak he can barely walk. The boy we once knew and love dearly isn't there anymore. I pray every day that I will get my sweet boy back. That he will feel better. Everyone keeps saying things will get better. When?

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