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Girl Lost

April 6, 2017

Photo from 2 years ago, April 6, 2015

Photos like this completely rip out my heart. Payton and Parker spent so much of their time together which made them the best of friends. We were so fortunate to have children that got along, that loved and respected each other. We rarely went away as a family, sports or funds would get in the way. We would try and make the best of their time off from school and try and plan some fun activities. This particular day was so warm. I remember going to the park with some neighbors and friends just to get some fresh air. We came home, made some lunch and they were happy as can be to dine out on the front porch.

Payton has changed. She had no choice. The death of her brother has left her a different girl. One who spends all of her time up in her room alone. The one who you could always find in the play room playing with her barbies, legos or coloring. Parker would always be there with her - not doing the same things - playing xbox or knee hockey would be his thing. She hasn't been in the playroom since he has been gone. Everything in there has remained at is was, untouched. Every stupid xbox game is out of its case, we couldn't get him to put them away, ever. Every hockey stick, puck, ball, net and glove is right where he left it. How could she possibly go back in there? A place that was safe and fun and contained all of their favorite things was spent everyday with him. It's not fair that she has to endure such loss. It's not fair that she is now an only child. It is not fair that she has to learn to live without him. I pray for my old soul, the girl that can move mountains that she will one day find him again and find peace and happiness.

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