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Parker's Garden

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I continually talk about how amazing our friends and community really are and they just keep proving it even more. After being away for the week we came home to the most beautiful, heartwarming display of love for Parker. My emotions are through the roof with this one! Stephanie Tedesco Danziger, your family's enormous hearts and love for Parker and our family is something truly profound.

We now have a little rock garden filled with messages and notes for Parker, all hand painted by all of his sweet friends. A wishing well planter for Payton and a turtle garden flourishing with pink flowers, Parker's favorite color. I know this was a group effort and I'm still not sure of everyone that pitched in so if I forgot to mention you, please let me know you were here! Thank you Scott D Danziger, Mason, Kasandra, Gabe and Max Danziger, Girl Scout Troop 365, Laureen Morra-Gonnella, Robert Gonnella, Colleen Miller and Carey and Joey Kessler. We would love for anyone else who would like to paint a rock for Parker to keep his garden growing 💕

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