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No Regrets

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I have no regrets with my life with Parker. My kids ALWAYS came first. Before me, my husband, work, school, life. Once I become a parent I made that change. There was nothing I wouldn't do for them and I am so grateful that Parker knew that. He learned that through life and even more so during the whole process of him being diagnosed and then into treatment. He always came first. It was always me and him out to conquer this demon. I sacrificed my life for him and have only one regret - that I couldn't save him. After all of my fighting and instincts and not taking anything less than a real diagnosis after 7 doctors told me otherwise. I couldn't save him.

I have no regrets on how much I love him, or should of, could of, would of. I loved him so fiercely - every minute of his life. I want all parents to love their children with all they have to give. I know some will have more than others. Don't waste another day putting off - the laundry, the dishes, the food shopping all can wait. Because once its gone, its gone. My saving grace is that I know I did everything for him since the day he was born. Those were my terms. God forbid anyone has to suffer through what we are suffering from now, you don't want ANY regrets, not one. Not for your child. Love them. Make sure they know how much. Make sure they are taken care of, not set aside as a distraction. Spend time with them. Compliment them. Tell them you are proud of them. Put them first. They know. I am thankful everyday that Parker knew.

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