• Kim Nork

Happy 10th Birthday, Bud

Yesterday was hopefully a turning point for me in my journey to heal. I woke up so sad for my sweet boy and what should have been. Instead of going to that dark place I know so well I decided to embrace him and all his positivity and happiness. We celebrated him with all of his favorite people. It was a beautiful day that turned into an even more beautiful night. The love that was shown and shared for him is incalculable. I was so desperately waiting for a sign from him but was too sad and dark to see any. Last night Parker was there, as a cardinal that sat on his father's sweatshirt and watched all of us celebrating him. Thank you, Bud. I so needed that for my heart and soul. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and kind words from hundreds of you. Be kind, be positive and I will continue to heal with my angel by my side.

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