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Just Parker

Parker was the last to be born on Pete's side of the family. The youngest out of 7 grandchildren. My Mother-in-Law was so excited to finally have her blue-eyed, blonde Polock. He looked so much like her, they both had the sweetest smile. He was my "space cadet", always having some sort of blonde moment. This was one example of him - he never really paid much attention to detail. I loved him for it. He was so carefree and such a boy that it was refreshing (and sometimes so frustrating) for me since I was always so exact and rigid. How could you not know that your pants were on backwards? His shirt would be on backwards almost daily - and most of the time he was too lazy to fix it. That was him. That was Parker. There are no words in any language on this Earth that could express how much I miss him.

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