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A new season

Parker loved to fish, or maybe he loved the idea of it. He would start out very hopeful but someone (Pop) would always wind up taking his rod. He was famous for someone else hooking a fish and handing off to him to reap the reward. This weekend is the usual kickoff to our summer. The fishing, boating, beaching days of summer. As I sit here on the deck overlooking the bay, I am not sure how to handle this upcoming season. I know I am so busy with Payton's swim team and lifeguard schedule but he is supposed to be here too. He's supposed the be tagging along. There is such a hole in me now that will never heal. It will always reside in the pit of my stomach and the ache in my chest. I find it near impossible to figure out how to move on without him. I look for strength and signs from him to help me through this. To know that he is ok and we will all be ok.

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