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Strawberry Hearts

Six years ago we took a little day trip to Casino Piers with the kids. We walked the boardwalk, the kids went on rides and we played games. Parker wasn't a big fan of rides but he LOVED playing games. He won this Skelanimal and chose pink out of all the colors offered. I'm not sure if this was our first glimpse of him with his passion for pink but it was around this time. He named this prize "Strawberry Hearts" because he was just such a sweet boy. Of course Pete kept calling it "Strawberry Farts" which would make us all laugh. Parker would laugh but then make that grumpy cat frown but never get mad. It took a lot for him to get mad. What a simple and sweet disposition he had. I miss that so much. He was so easy to love.

Strawberry Hearts still sits on his bed six years later. It was one of his favorites.

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