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Aiden, Parker's Little Messenger

I'm not even sure how to start this post. Today marks a huge milestone for our family and the Pollards. The Pollards, Patty and Eric, Parker's Godparents. Patty, my best friend since Kindergarten, and Eric, Pete's best friend since Middle School, are moving across the street from us. After everything that happened with Parker, they wanted to be closer to us, we all needed each other. His absence has changed so many.

They have two children, Lily and Aiden. I told you all a little about Lily already, but not Aiden. Aiden is 6 and going into 1st grade in the fall. He worshiped Parker. He looked up to him and wanted to do everything like him, be like him, dress like him. He wears Parker's hand-me-downs most days. He's signed up for Southern AYF flag football (where it all began for Parker) and we had him in Parker's rollerblades and hockey cage the other day. He talks about Parker all the time. He has been like my little messenger from Parker. Sending me little signs that he is still with me. I know that he has a connection to Parker that only they share. It's beyond anything I could have ever imagined. And Aiden doesn't even know the gravity of it.

Patty had her last week of work and today was her last day. I had Aiden and Lily here with me while their parents were tying up loose ends with the move. Aiden wanted to watch tv in my room while I took a shower this afternoon. What I saw when I walked into my room after my shower I could never forget. It was almost like Parker was with me again. One of the last pictures I have of Parker was him lying on my bed, with Stella in the afternoon light just 3 days before he left us. Today, that is exactly where Aiden was. Wearing Parker's old shirt, with Stella, laying in the afternoon light.

When I think about fate and what happens after we leave this earth, I have no doubt that our angels are still here, making sure we know. Parker, thank you for your signs, for your presence and for shining your bright light through Aiden. I will make sure when he is old enough to tell him how he keeps your spirit alive each and every day.

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