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Pennies from Heaven

More signs from my sweet little guy are coming in. A few days ago, Payton, Mia, Lily and Aiden were upstairs playing in Patty's room. Aiden, Parker's little messenger, had the girls turn off the lights. He whispered to them in the dark "Don't you know I will love you forever?" and said Parker told him to tell them. They turned on the lights and he was holding a penny, right up to his eye, like he was looking through it.

The kids all came running downstairs where I was sitting with Patty and Laureen. Payton told us through her tears what had just happened. She said he was there - she felt him, and so did Aiden. He was there, just like he should have been, playing and having fun with all of his favorite people. She was so happy to have had that experience. She described it as "amazing". I need that for her. I know she misses him so much it's hard for her to express. I know she felt him - she never cries. It was a relief to see her show some sort of emotion. As for the penny, no one knows where it came from or where Aiden found it.

So if you find a penny, please pick it up. It's a penny from heaven and someone you love is trying to say hello. If you find one, keep it, if not put it in Parker's wishing well in his rock garden. I'll make sure to keep all the wishes safe.

Thank you, Bud. We all need a penny now and then.

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