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Learn to Ride a Bike and Get Paid

"Learn to ride a bike and get Paid", Parker's infamous video.

This video makes my heart weep and smile at the same time. Hearing his little voice with his speech imperfections...

He was never really interested in riding a bike. The bike would sit for ever collecting dust in the garage. He would have much rathered strapped on his skates and grabbed a puck.

I am not sure where I was during this event, I was probably at swim with Payton. I returned to Gram and Pop's and came to find out that he was cruising around on his little tiny bike and managed to bank $15 in doing so from his grandparent's and their neighbors. Sporting his favorite mohawk helmet he got rid of the training wheels and went right to riding a two wheeler. I'm sure that we had to go straight to Target so that he could spend all his money on mechanical pencils and soda flavored Lip Smackers.

I miss him more than words can express. He made me smile and laugh ever single day. He was my heart and soul.

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