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Parker's Smile

People used to ask me all the time "Does he ever stop smiling?". He ALWAYS had a smile on that handsome face and the personality to go along with it. A ray of sunshine, a bright light on a dark day. That was him.

He loved unicorns and rainbows and hockey and football. He didn't care that his favorite color was pink - he owned it. This was one of his favorite things, even though it was his sisters. We would sit on the dock of my parents house all summer long, the kids would swim, tube, float and have fun. You always had fun with Parker. I've hardly been to my parents house this summer. A place you would find us all summer long. A place that was our "happy place". It's just not the same. I'm not the same. I ask myself every day why he had to go. Why such a beautiful soul. Why so soon. He made such a difference in so many lives at such a young age. He was destined for something wonderful and now he's gone. I live everyday just to be one day closer to being with him again.

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