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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Raising awareness should be easy. How come we don't see towns turning yellow during September? How come we don't see NFL, NHL, MLB and other major league sports wearing yellow during September? How come only 1% of donations to the American Cancer Society go to pediatric research? How come more aren't doing more? I don't understand. These children, like Parker, deserve a fighting chance. They spend most of their childhood in hospitals, so sick they can't leave their beds. They have to endure countless tests, surgeries, procedures, treatments and all with the possibility of relapse. All with the possibility of losing their battle. All so young their lives barely began. All with so much ahead of them.

When considering donating, please make sure it's to a cause that will actually give back to those affected. Some local organizations that did not hesitate for one second as soon as they heard of Parker's diagnosis were David's Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, Jetty Rock Foundation and Oceans of Love. It is Parker's Army's mission to give back to children and their families suffering this unimaginable disease.

Never forget Parker and all of the children who have yet to be diagnosed, are currently in the battle of their lives and all who lost. I never in a million years would have imagined that my healthy, striving, strong sweet boy would be taken from me. Not like this, not so quickly.

Click the link to donate to Parker's Army today.

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