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Three years ago we were supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness at all of the home football games. All the boys had yellow socks and all the girls had yellow bows. We were there supporting a particular little girl in our community, Elena, who was battling cancer. I remember seeing her and her mother Dawn and wondering how she does it. She was just a baby. I remember thinking how strong they both were and praying for this little girl that I had never met before. Praying and thanking God that my kids were healthy and striving.

Never did I ever imagine that would be me. That I would soon be that mother and that my bright, strong, happy Parker would be that boy. Never did I imagine that I would hear those words "your child has cancer". Never did I imagine that he would lose. That we would lose. That we would lose him.

Elena is a true warrior- she fought and won. #parkersarmy#powerofparker #warrior #fcancer

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