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  • Pete Nork

Hawks for the Win

Two years ago today Parker was in his first ever travel hockey tournament as a Mite. We were in Aston, PA and it was the championship game. I’m pretty sure we were more nervous than he was. In fact, I know we were. He loved playing hockey. He was always happy on the ice. He was the kid that would cheer when he’d hear there was gonna be an extra practice. He really loved to win, but it usually wasn’t the end of the world if he lost. As it played out this day him and his teammates pulled out the victory. I can still see his face, it had the worlds biggest smile on it. He was so proud as were we. We’ll never forget that weekend. I’m returning to that rink for the first time since then this Sunday to coach his old teammates. Hopefully Park will send us a little luck. Let’s go Hawks!

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