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My Safe Haven

This is my safe haven. My bed with Stella, Phoebe is here too, Stella doesn’t let her get in between her and her Mama. It is a place where I feel most at peace. A place where I spent many hours cuddling, watching tv, reading and laughing with Parker. A place where he would come if he was sick, countless breathing treatments when his asthma was flaring, or when he had a bad dream. Where we spent so many hours awake at night when neither of us could sleep. A place where we exchanged our last words to each other.

Now it is a place where he is still here with me, beside me on my night table. He is there with all of his favorite things that made him Parker. It is a place that I seek shelter from reality. From the noise and chaos that is now in me, that I carry every minute of every day. A place where my family doesn’t question, they come and lay too or just leave me be. I miss you. I love you always, Bud.

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