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Parker's Day

Today is the day that I’d like to remove permanently from my calendar. Today is the day I’ve been dreading for an entire year. Today is the day I lost my son, my heart and soul. Our family and life will never be the same. I miss him more than I can put into words.

Today is the day that I wanted to be just like any other day. A day we would wake up and see where the day would take us. Well, the day took us to lunch, the dog park and to the beach with all of Parker’s favorite people. All of the things he loved to do whenever we all had a day off from sports. It was a beautiful, sunny day. A little chilly but he still would have been in shorts and a hoodie.

We honored him today, we smiled and laughed a lot today, I know he was with us making sure of it. It wasn’t a sad day, I can’t go back to that day one year ago. Today was simple, ordinarily extraordinary. Today was Parker’s day.

Thank you to all who reached out, texted, called, messaged. Thank you to those for being patient with me and giving us the space we so desperately need to heal. We are continually thankful for your support. We love you all for loving us, for loving Parker.

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