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Chocolate Macaroon Tea

There are many things about Parker that I adored, that made it so easy to fall into n love with him. He loved tea, his favorite was chocolate macaroon from David’s Tea. He also loved coffee, stuffed animals, any kind of baby animal, getting his butt rubbed (by me only), tiny notebooks, mechanical pencils and office supplies. There weren’t many things he didn’t like just wearing underwear, milk in his cereal (who eats dry cereal in a bowl with a spoon?) and jelly. He was so unique and quirky. You never knew what he would say or do next but it always made me smile and laugh. This morning I made his tea, in his special mug for the first time since he left me. I don’t know if it made me feel closer to him or if I might have even made it actually for him. It quieted my mind if only for a few minutes. I love you forever, Bud. 

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