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So where do I begin? I just got home from the McKinely Avenue School's "Make a Difference Day" with the announcement of how much money was raised for Parker's Army. The 600 3rd and 4th graders had a week to raise money for this event which ended in a walk-a-thon this moring and an assembly this afternoon. I have no words for the amount of work that has gone into this event, McKinley's 20th Make a Difference Day. The teachers, staff, students, and administrators have a dedication like no other. I keep saying that we live in a special community - I wish that EVERYONE was able to experience this. It is beyond anything I could have ever expected. I am completely humbled. And it was all for Parker.

So, our little McKinley Avenue School has raised $14, 245 for Parker's Army's Turtle Totes!! If you are not familiar with our Turtle Totes, it is a program we started last year with two local hospitals to provide care bags for their pediatric oncology patients, both inpatients, and outpatients. They are based on a $50 sponsorship that can be done online for any business, family or individual who wishes to supply a tote for a special child going through cancer treatments. This money that was raised by our generous community will hopefully make a huge impact on these children and their families.

Special thanks to Mrs. Malmstrom and Mrs. Kennely for all of their time putting this special event together. Thank you Suzy Brierley Willadsen for the absolutely amazing mural of Parker, made with love by all of your art students, and for all of the amazing props for the big reveal. Thank you Mrs. Hoffman for the level of generocity and kindness you instill in everyone at the school. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU a million times to everyone!


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