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Day 1

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

We are completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for Parker. He is just about at celebrity status with yet another hashtag (thank you Scott D Danziger) #powerofparker. Everyone that has ever had the opportunity to meet him knows he is one of a kind. He has this power to make anyone - and I mean anyone, fall in love with him.

We had a little of a rocky start this morning. I think everything had finally sunk in for him. Getting his chemo port put him over the edge. He dried his tears and went about it like the warrior he is. I am elated to inform you that his cancer is completely localized in his marrow and area on his scalp. There has been no penetration of the skull or brain. His spinal tap came back completely clear of any cells as well as his blood. That is HUGE! We went over his entire treatment plan with his Oncology team and he is on his way to beating this. We are hoping for a discharge of as early as Friday! And for all of you kind hearted souls already lining up for bone marrow match, a bone marrow transplant is not in his plan but feel free to see where you can get swabbed for another little someone with leukemia. He is enjoyi

ng his afternoon and waiting for some visitors - and of course playing a little wii with Dad.

Thank you all again for all of your prayers, calls, texts and messages. We have read each and every one of them ❤ I will be updating everyone on our journey as we take this day by day. #powerofparker #lifewithparker

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