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Day 18

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Parker had a great day today - finally! He's still recovering from the stay in the hospital so he slept a lot and is trying to get all of the meds out of his system as well. This afternoon he got his cast off YAY! All he has now is an ankle brace for a couple weeks and he's good as new. We kept his cast as a reminder of when this all started - so many special signatures are on it and I couldn't just throw it away. All of his doctors, nurses, coaches, teammates, classmates, friends and family signed it, even the surgeon during one of his surgeries signed while in the OR.

I would like to thank some very special people that we are blessed to have in our lives. Stephanie Tedesco Danziger, Sean Griffin, Carrie Anne, Laureen Morra-Gonnella, Nicole Ebner - thank you for all you have done to support Parker - the tshirt sales, stickers and bracelets. All of your posts to get the word out and all of the time spent ordering, sorting and delivering. Our Toms River Blackhawk family that has been delivering dinners to us - you have no idea how much I personally appreciate that! You have gone above and beyond - THANK YOU! Taking this journey day by day. #powerofparker#lifewithparker #1

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