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Typical Parker

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Parker's grandparents live at the beach. Actually on the bayside, but we spend an inordinate amount of time on the beach. 5 years ago I'm assuming it was Easter or my moms birthday. They are always around the same time. We would take walks to the beach all the time before the season would set in. Payton and Parker would look for shells or run around. This particular photo brings me back to when Parker was a little younger, before he swore off pants (and underwear) and would only wear shorts.

These times we saw a lot of this view of Parker. For some reason his pants, bathing suit, any bottoms for that matter would slide off and show us his cute little hiney. We used to tell him he needs a new on because his had a crack in it. I miss these days. I miss our family. I miss him. This time of the year is here. 15th street will never be the same.

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