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We would like to extend our most sincere congratulations and warmest best wishes to our dear friends today as they open their doors to Manafirkin Brewery. It goes without saying that these families have loved and adored Parker for years. This way of honoring him goes above and beyond and we have no words to express our gratitude. I prayed every day that Parker would be able to wear that jersey this season. The universe had other plans for my sweet boy. Thank you for honoring him and his memory. As hard as it is to see this, another confirmation that he is gone, I know he would have LOVED the brewery and will be there watching over you all. That quote stands true, Parker was never a serious kid but he was all business when it came to his teammates, coaches and his love of sports. Thank you Heather Stuart Committee, Mick Committee, Lisa Beneduce-Hoosack, Donn Hoosack, Todd Hunt, Michelle Hunt and Sean Griffin from the bottom of our hearts. Now go stop in - they have the best brew around!

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