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Honoring this sweet face

Tomorrow we will be honoring this sweet face. The face I miss every second of the day. The boy that has turned a community into an army. His army. I have found myself at a loss of words for how many people (some we have never met before) pulled together to put together the 1st Annual Parker's Army Golf Outing. For something that was a little idea that was to help out our family during this absolutely horrible time has turned into an event that involves almost 300 people strong. This boy that has touched the lives of so many in such a short time. The boy that I am so proud of even now.

I want to personally thank Randy Campoli and Carrie Campoli, Dawn Renee, Sean Griffin, David Wyrsch, John DeMarco, Stephanie Tedesco Danziger, Laureen Morra-Gonnella, Patricia Hayeck Pollard, Joe Spina and the 100+ sponsors and donations that came in. We are grateful, we are blessed, we are forever in your debt for your kindness and generosity.

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