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4th Grade

Today should be Parker's last day of 4th grade. A year that started out like any other. He officially had to decide to commit to football or hockey, a decision that was hard for him to make since he loved both. He ultimately chose hockey, his soulmate of sports. He moved up from a Mite to Squirt level in hockey - big boy hockey. He had such an amazing season with his team. We traveled all over the state and to Delaware for a Thanksgiving Tournament. He did awesome in school and made even more friends this year. He was growing up to be such a handsome boy. Always needed his hair done (I still have the giant jug of hair gel in the bathroom) and never left the house without a spray of Axe. He cared a lot about his appearance. Always matching shirt, shorts, socks, sneakers (or black socks and Sanuks) and hat with his Ray-bans. Always with a hat. And the bracelets - all the Lokai bracelets! You would always find them going all the way up his arm along with his VivoFit. I always told him he didn't have to wear them all at once but he never listened to me. He was such a quirky kid. It is what I loved so much about him. He NEVER cared what anyone thought about him. He loved himself and so did everyone else. So, Bud, I hope you are still that quirky kid everyone still loves up there in the stars. I loved you then, I love you now and will love you forever - till we meet again.

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