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Looking Through My Lens

During any given football game, hockey or lacrosse game, you would find me behind the lens of my camera. I would be sideline trying to get the best shot or at the bench trying to get close ups of faces in helmets (which was my favorite kind of pic). Parker would get annoyed with me, always creeping around taking his picture. I'm so glad I did. I have hundreds of photos like these that capture what it was like out on the field with him. It was a family event every time. We were all always there together.

I can't go back. I don't know how Pete does it. All those boys, Parker's friends and teammates. All of them still playing and growing and living. Those days were some of our happiest days out on the field. He should be there with them. Complaining for me to stop taking his picture. I'm so thankful I never did.

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