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There is always something to give

It’s the night before our big event. Our event that raises funds and allows Parker’s Army to give it all back. We give it back in the form of donations, registration fees, monetary support and scholarship. We give it back because of your generosity, support and love of Parker. We give it back to create opportunities where they might not have been. We give it back to support Parker’s friends, teammates and his love of sports. We give it back because it gives me a purpose. It provides my family with a purpose.

This past year without Parker has taught me many things. The most important is that there is always something to give. It doesn’t have to be money. It’s time, a warm hug, a squeeze of the hand, a smile, a nod that says you’re going to be ok. I’m not sure that within this lifetime I will be ok but it helps to know we are not alone. Thank you to everyone who has given to us. We are here, as Parker’s Army to give it right back.

Tomorrow please remember why we have all been working for months to put this event together. It’s for Parker, my sweet boy, that had a huge heart and even bigger smile.

I love you forever, Bud.

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