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Always Playing for Parker

This weekend has been a long time coming. Our first hockey tournament officially as Parker’s Army. Everyone has worked so hard to make this happen and I know Parker is so proud. Each player had a purpose out on the ice, to play for Parker, and they did. I couldn’t be more proud, my heart is so full tonight. As hard as it was for me to get back to the rink (over two years) I am so glad I did. I have my own crazy reasoning for why I just couldn’t take that step. The memories, the anxiety, all his teammates there but him. I would say to Pete how I didn’t know how he did it. Spending week after week with Parker’s team at practices, games and tournaments with him not there. How could I go and watch these kids play, and be the mom there with no player on the team? It was gut wrenching for me to even consider such a thing. I physically, emotionally and mentally could not do it.

This weekend I did it, and I can’t believe I did. And now that I think about it, I was able to because of how many people have not stopped caring. I thank each and every one of you for not giving up on me. For being so very patient, being careful with your words and for ALWAYS loving Parker. I will be forever in your debt.

I love you forever, Bud.

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