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We could not be any prouder of these awesome student-athletes who we will be honoring on June 6th at 6 PM at the Stafford Township Arts Center (STAC) - Ocean First Theater.

Conner Kerlin - Southern AYF 8U Sean Byrnes - Southern AYF 9U Trevor Kerlin - Southern AYF 10U Vincent Rutab - Southern AYF 11U Alex Fowler - Southern AYF 12U Gabriella Quick - Southern AYC Sabrina Guzewicz - Southern AYC Kayla Setland - Southern AYC Pee Wee Isla Carvajal - Stafford Field Hockey 9U Kai Angelozzi - Stafford Field Hockey 10U Avery Smith - Stafford Field Hockey 11U Symphonie Linnert - Stafford Sparklers 8U Madelyn Donahue - Stafford Sparklers 9U Shaelyn Haynes - Stafford Sparklers 10U Sarah DiGaetano- Stafford Sparklers 11U Angelica Charterina - Stafford Sparklers 12U Gia Passarella - Stafford Sparklers 13U Lilly Casella - Stafford Sparklers Shining Stars Team Lukas Iliescu - Stafford Boys Lacrosse 10U Black Saylor Roma - Stafford Boys Lacrosse 10U Gold Conner Walsh - Stafford Boys Lacrosse 12U Black Evan Wyrsch - Stafford Boys Lacrosse 12U Gold Aidyn Wade - Stafford Boys Lacrosse 15U Black Konner Forlai - Stafford Boys Lacrosse 15U Gold Arianna Kelly - Stafford Baseball 9U Isabella Compitello - Stafford Basketball 12U

Thank you to Southern AYF, Southern AYC, Stafford Sparklers, Stafford Field Hockey, Stafford Boys Lacrosse, Stafford Baseball and Stafford Basketball coaches for your nominations! YOU GUYS ROCK!

To learn more about this event, please visit

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