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Make a Difference Day

Man, I am a hot mess today. I really can’t seem to get my emotions together so bear with me! Today was amazing in so many ways. This morning it was announced at the McKinley Avenue School here in Manahawkin that Parker’s Army would be the charity to celebrate their 20th Make a Difference Day! It was an amazing display of teachers, staff, administrators and over 600 3rd and 4th graders come together to celebrate. In the depths of my heart I want to thank everyone involved, especially Mrs. Malmstrom and Ms. Kennelly. You have gone above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. You took us to all of Parker’s very special places - his bench, the football and LAX fields, his memorial rocks and even to Winding River, his home away from home. Thank you for choosing Parker’s Army, Turtle Totes, our Mission and of course Parker. I know he was there with all of us today, dancing with everyone and smiling because he was so happy. I wish everyone was able to experience Make a Difference Day! Love to you all!

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