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So yesterday was a milestone for me, making my way back to the rink after 2 1/2 years. I went in, but couldn’t get myself to go through those doors into the space where there were so many hours spent with Parker out on the ice. I couldn’t see his jersey hanging on the wall because I know he’ll never wear it again.

I spent 13 hours with the most amazing people and support system. Thank you to every single person who smiled because they were genuinely happy to see me, who hugged me because they knew I needed one, who spoke about Parker and SAID HIS NAME. Thank you for always supporting us, for keeping him in your hearts and for always playing for him. I will be forever grateful ❤️🖤💗

Congratulations to all of the recipients of the Parker M. Nork Sportsmanship Award and their parents for raising such amazing kids. I’m so proud to a part of the Toms River Blackhawks organization - you are all truly some of the best people - thank you for loving our family.

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