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My View

This was Parker’s room in the Pediatric Oncology ward. I had driven by it countless times before he was a patient there. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital was across the street. I spent so many hours looking out that window while he laid in his hospital bed. I spent so many hours looking out that window watching the valets in bright yellow coats ushering patient after patient into the front revolving doors. I remember thinking - I wonder how many of them aren’t going to make it home. How many will be getting devastating news about their health. I wondered how many would be getting news that they were healthy and to go home. I spent days and nights looking out that window, wondering how we got there. How it was possible that my sweet son, my baby, would have cancer and not make it through the next 22 days. How there were children there with Parker that had never been home. They have spent their entire life battling a disease that no child should ever have. Their parents looking out their windows a few feet from me. I wonder if I walked across the street and looked up, how many faces of desperate parents I would have seen.

Never take advantage of your view. No matter what is going on through that window, I pray your view will never be Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

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