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After learning about Parker’s passing like all of you we felt crushed. I felt like I had to do something, but there was nothing I could say or do that would make this easier or better.

I cried, I prayed and I searched for ways to honor him. This video is the result of that. It is the best way I know how to honor him and hopefully capture the Memory of Parker and preserve what I could of him for us all to love and to mourn.

When I told my kids what I was doing some loved the idea and others did not. My one son said ok you can make it but only if you can make sure it’s not sad.

I thought and thought about how I could create this memorial and protect my son's feelings? The answer is I couldn’t. This can't not be said. You see my son doesn't want to feel this. I went back to him and explained that there is no way I can make this without it being sad because this is just so so sad. He said ok but he refused to watch it or help.

For 2 days all we did was look at every picture and video of Parker on Facebook and Youtube to try and create a portrait of Parker. We listened to songs trying to pick the right ones to tell the story. We chose the saddest song first and then one of hope. For the final piece, we chose something significant to who he was to us.

I can’t even count the number of tears that went into making this and I’m sorry for the tears you will shed watching it, but I hope that like me you will see this as a way to honor a special little boy. Parker's life was taken way too soon, but his legacy will live on forever!!! Through the teams he has influenced, the towns he has touched and the generation of kids that will forever be changed by the Power of Parker. In the end, my son watched the video he smiled at parts and was happy with my song choice at the end. After it was over he said “Mom that made my body feel heavy. Why is that?” I explained to him that is what sadness is - a heavy heart and a heavy body. So Is this video sad? Yes, of course, it’s sad, but as my dear friend said…his smile is worth it!!!

Made with Love The Danziger Family

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