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We will honor those just like Parker

Seven years ago this little peanut graduated from preschool with one goal in mind. He was so passionate about sports from such a young age. He watched Sports Center and NHL channel highlights before school - what 4 year old does that? Parker, that’s who. God, I LOVED watching him in whatever it was - football, lacrosse, soccer, hockey. I was so proud of him, always. He was the kid researching plays and players. Learning all the rules and how to best play the game. He got sports. He didn’t need much explaining, he just got it. I have notebooks filled with his own hand drawn plays. He would be doing that instead of his homework.

Tomorrow, we will honor all of these kids who are just like Parker. The ones who love the sport, no matter how good they are. They play with all heart and that is the best way. Parker wasn’t the fastest, the strongest, the tallest or the one scoring all the points. He didn’t have to be to love what he did. So to all of the underdogs, tomorrow is for you!

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