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That Million Dollar Smile

Three years ago, here they are after baking cupcakes and decorating them for spring. Payton taught him how to do so many things. I love him wearing one of his home made shirts (from the previous Super Bowl) with that million dollar smile. It’s times like this that the all too familiar, gut wrenching reality hits you like a truck that he is no longer here to bake cupcakes with his sister. He’s no longer here to be her little brother and to grow up together. He’s no longer here to see her go to prom or graduate. He’s no longer here to see her go to college and start a career. He’s no longer here to become an uncle and Godfather to her children. He’s no longer here. He should be here. It’s just not fair.

I miss you with every fiber of my being. I love you forever, Bud.