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To Parker's Friends, Thank You.

I know how hard it’s been for me personally losing Parker. I know the hurt and grief. As an adult you know about loss. You have been through it with Aunts or Uncles or grandparents, even a parent. No one prepares you for losing a child. And no one prepares a child for losing a friend. I think about all of Parker’s friends and pray every night that they are able to think of Parker and what a great kid he was and smile. It breaks my heart that parents had to tell them what happened. It’s not something as an adult you are prepared for. He had so many friends.

This photo from 4 years ago breaks my heart. Parker and Aiden and Payton and Ciara. Watching the Kids Choice Awards. It was so simple. They spent sooooo much time together. That has stopped. The way things used to be are no longer. Colleen Miller please thank Aiden for being one of Parker’s best buddies. Please know that Parker thought the world of him. I can still hear them laughing during their FaceTime chats or watching them play out on the front lawn. My heart hurts that he had to endure losing a friend so young. I would give anything for days like this again.

I love you forever, Bud.

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